First post, first step, my background

I’m currently working for a Swedish company which is producing video microscopes. My main undertaking is to develop live image viewer as well as  measurement software compatible with the microscopes . I have worked on the company for almost 4 years and I have enjoyed it a lot! And I still do. However, one of my dream and what have always got me excited about is creating games.

The excitement is based both on playing games but especially game design and the development. I remember since I was a young kid I almost preferred creating content, such as maps, weapons etc. over actually playing the games. I really loved the creativity part. Because of all the time constrains of being an adult I don’t spend much time anymore on the creativity part as I would like. Therefore, I have decided to work half time starting on February and develop my own game.

This blog will be about the development of the game itself, sharing iOS knowledge and tips and tricks that i’ll encounter during my journey as well as sharing my experience of creating my own company and game. I also hope with this blog that I’ll reach out and meet like-minded people.


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